Project Armonia

Project Armonia

Our values

As a food-based organization, we are built around the idea that food brings people together, allowing us to share a diverse range of tastes, traditions, and talents across language, cultural or political barriers. We are guided by three main values:

Solidarity: Working with the community to ensure that the basic human rights of all are met and protected.

Inclusion: We are committed to creating opportunities for displaced people to share and strengthen their skills. Through this, we aim to facilitate self-sufficiency and enable people to actively participate in their new society.

Community: In Greek, Armonia means ‘harmony’. One of the guiding principles of our work is not just to serve food, but to use it to build a welcoming environment where people feel engaged, supported and have a sense of belonging.

Our work

Good food has the power to restore dignity and humanity, bringing people together. Where displaced people are regularly met with hostility, we welcome them with open arms.

We prepare warm, nutritious meals in our professional kitchen and provide a safe, supportive space for culinary workshops and vocational training. 

Our team of chefs cook recipes from around the world, providing the people we serve with a comforting taste of home.


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