THEATRE PERFORMANCE “How a place becomes a person…”

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THEATRE PERFORMANCE “How a place becomes a person…”

Deadline: 11/04/2021

ENTROPIA Performing Arts Company (Athens) in the framework of the European Project INTIMATE BRIDGES, invites people from immigrant and refugee communities to meet and connect with us in a safe space for exchanges, memory transfer and creativity.

Come to our meetings and share with us images, sounds and personal testimonies in the transitional place where people and their stories intersect, tracing incomplete maps of areas marked by loss, daily struggles and hope.

The Project attempts to “bridge” in a genuine way gaps, and to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions between the refugee and migrant
communities and the local “host” communities. It will culminate with the Performance “How a Place Becomes a Person…” directed by Marilli
Mastrantoni (June 2021).

Those interested can register with their name and contact details at theatre.entropia@gmail.com until 11 April 2021.

We’ll then get in touch for further details.


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