6th District
Public Space
Σύνδεσμος Εκδήλωσης

"Athens: A city for all ages"

A new activity was recently launched, on 29 September. “Athens: A City for All Ages”

Within the next few months, Urbana, along with members of the Kios Friendship Club, will take stock of the daily needs of senior citizens in the neighbourhoods of Kypseli, through experiential walks and other mapping tools. The programme includes the development of a methodology for recording the experiences and needs of senior citizens in the city’s public space, and is implemented with a donation by TIMA Charitable Foundation, as part of the Points of Support project, which is co-funded by 8 charitable organisations and is supported by the  Social Solidarity Athens Municipality.

URBANA is a team of female architects, social scientists, and educators, which has been active since 2019 as a non-profit civil partnership, based in Athens. URBANA is primarily focused on promoting the most inclusive modes of city transportation, taking into account the diverse needs of more social groups (senior citizens, persons with disabilities etc,).

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