Kindness Revolution

Best practices
Σύνδεσμος Εκδήλωσης
Kindness Revolution

A series of 15 voluntary actions to promote teamwork and active participation.

by ethelon

#active citizenship

The non-profit organization ethelon, which was created to highlight and promote the concept of volunteering in Greek society, curated the Kindness Revolution initiative on 5 December 2017 (World Day of Volunteering), by organizing 15 activities of social content which took place in Athens. The activities were geared to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and included activities against climate change, activities for quality education, sustainable cities and communities, decent work and economic development, good health and well-being as well as activities for the elimination of inequalities, poverty and hunger. Examples of activities are the cleaning of the center of Athens from tags (in collaboration with synAthina), the care of the stray animals of the Nikoas-Keratsini animal shelter, soup kitchen in the center of Athens with “o allos anthropos”, the creation of a touch panel and planting of aromatic flowers at the Center for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind (KEAT). The purpose of the activities, which involved a total of more than 300 volunteers was to promote the spirit of volunteering and to highlight team spirit and the sense of active citizenship.



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