Friendship Walk

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Σύνδεσμος Εκδήλωσης
Friendship Walk

A walk in the city center to support the rights of people with disabilities and educate the general population about the importance of social acceptance.

by Best Buddies Greece

#social integration
# awareness
# diversity

Each May, Best Buddies Greece, member of the non-profit organization Best Buddies International, organizes an annual walk of friendship, love and acceptance for people with intellectual and developmental difficulties. The Friendship Walk and promotes friendship as a natural way of socializing between a volunteer and a person with special needs. Every person with intellectual and developmental difficulties participating in the walk is accompanied by a volunteer. It thus acquires friends, increases self-confidence, improves their socialization and accepts love, support and respect from friends. The walk, during which other music and dance events also take place, is organized in central parts of the city, aiming at raising the society’s awareness on issues of social inclusion of people with disabilities and issues of accepting diversity.



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