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Our connection with the Network

SynAthina actively participates in international networks which exchange experience and knowledge, thus playing a leading part in a worldwide dialogue about innovation and the participation of citizens in local governance.

Creative Citizenship working group of the Eurocities Network

The Creative Citizenship working group was formed in May 2015 by an initiative of the City of Athens, as part of the network of elected representatives of European cities, Eurocities. Creative Citizenship is looking for ways for local governance to collaborate with citizens’ groups in order to face the challenges of modern cities. It explores how this collaboration encourages innovation, leads to immediate solutions for the city and upgrades local governance.


European City Makers

SynAthina represents Athens in the network European City Makers which is constituted by 28 capital cities of the European Union, as part of the Amsterdam initiative “New Europe”. The purpose of European City Makers is to reinforce engaged citizens, to facilitate their connection with the private sector, universities and local governance and to create a network of European citizens in search of a new European identity.


Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor's Challenge

In June 2014, synAthina participated in the Bloomberg Philanthropies foundation's Mayor’s Challenge contest on the development of innovative ideas to face the challenges of modern cities and to make local governance more effective. Athens was among the top five participants (out of155) and was rewarded with the amount of 1 million Euros for the proposal of synAthina to evolve into a dynamic system of upgrading local governance by collaborating with citizens’ groups.



Social Dynamo

Social Dynamo is the fruit of the common vision of the Bodosakis Foundation and the City of Athens, via synAthina, for a dynamic civic society which will reinforce democratic institutions, promote participatory governance, and develop solidarity. Social Dynamo highlights and develops the potential of Non Governmental Organizations and engaged citizens’ groups, by providing them with knowledge and opportunities for collaboration and networking via a creative space, both actual and digital.


social dynamo

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