On Monday afternoons, from 3pm to 7pm, the offices of synAthina are open for groups and citizens who would like to present and discuss their activities or wish to learn more about the mission of synAthina. Together, we can think about ways to cooperate and the tools we need to provide to citizens’ groups in order to support their activities (communication, housing, connection with other groups, municipal services and supporters, etc.) and to realize their projects more effectively. Open Mondays is the most regular channel of direct communication between synAthina and citizens’ groups. The knowledge we gain from our weekly meetings helps us create tools to update the services and the practices of the Municipality.

The offices of synAthina are located in Serafio Complex, on the 2nd floor of Building B, Peiraios & Petrou Ralli, Rouf. There is no need for prior contact if you wish to visit us. In any case, knowing that you plan to visit us allows us to be better prepared.

Email: [email protected]

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