Programs aiming to reduce the risk of marginalization faced by refugees

by METAdrasi

#social integration
# employment integration

Faced with the challenge of tacking social and employment integration challenges of the increasing refugee population in Greece, METAdrasi, an organization tasked with supporting migration management, implements three programs to combat the risk of marginalization faced by refugees.

Step2school is a non-formal educational program for refugee and migrant children. It aims at the suitable preparation for the Greek schools, as well as at their social integration.

Greek Language Courses for migrants and refugees is a program aiming at the fastest development of communication skills for refugee and migrant people in the greek language.

Stepping Stone is a program that responds to the need of strengthening, supporting and empowering refugees and migrants, who will stay in Greece, in order to autonomously rebuild their lives, start anew, and integrate into the Greek society. Following the assessment of their experience, skills and competencies, the main purpose of the action is to connect refugees with the labor market.

More than 380 people have participated in the programs, which are implemented by volunteers.