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Best Practices

Through field research and interviews with groups of citizens who post their activities at synathina.gr, the synAthina team acknowledges the activities with the highest positive impact on the city. Every best practice of the civil society responds to the real challenges of the city and highlights social innovation as a lever to upgrade the quality of life and even the city's own administration.

Incubator for social enterprises

Free support to young people who want to start a social enterprise.

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ΑTH Check Point

Non clinical prevention and information center for issues related to sex education and health.

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Product exchange events

Alternative markets based on principles of bartering.

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Streetwork & support services

Streetwork based series of activities aiming to meet the needs of the homeless or the people who face survival problems.

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Our Kypseli

Series of activities for the regeneration of the area of Kypseli and the networking between its residents.

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Bright Kypseli

Activity to upgrade a neglected area through small-scale lighting projects.

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