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Best Practices

Through field research and interviews with groups of citizens who post their activities at synathina.gr, the synAthina team acknowledges the activities with the highest positive impact on the city. Every best practice of the civil society responds to the real challenges of the city and highlights social innovation as a lever to upgrade the quality of life and even the city's own administration.

Live readings and recordings of audio books

Activities to support people with reading disabilities in four cities of Greece.

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Cleaning Athens from poster pollution

Activity to tackle poster pollution and raise awareness about maintaining cleanliness in the public space.

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Love and grudge for Athens

A city walk based on the texts of Zacharias Papantoniou.

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Map your meal

A digital application raises awareness on ethical nutrition.

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New Generation Got Game V.III

Intercultural basketball tournament aims to to promote multiculturalism and social integration of immigrants and refugees.

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A Walk to Share Food in Athens

Voluntary activity to provide food and keep company to people in street situation. 

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