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Best Practices

Through field research and interviews with groups of citizens who post their activities at synathina.gr, the synAthina team acknowledges the activities with the highest positive impact on the city. Every best practice of the civil society responds to the real challenges of the city and highlights social innovation as a lever to upgrade the quality of life and even the city's own administration.

Insight Out & Outreach events

Open events targeted at the ecosystem of NGOs aiming at informing, empowering and networking civil society actors.

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Education and Employment Integration Program for Migrants and Refugees

Programs aiming to reduce the risk of marginalization faced by refugees

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The Athens We Need

A 3 day series of event in the Kerameikos area aiming to create a space of dialogue and co-creation 

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Kindness Revolution

A series of 15 voluntary actions to promote teamwork and active participation.

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Break The Chain Festival

Annual festival to raise public awareness of the problem of trafficking and exploitation of humans.

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Victoria Square Project

Α center of culture and activation of the local community 

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