Non clinical prevention and information center for issues related to sex education and health.

by Positive Voice


The increase in HIV cases in Greece in recent years underlines the need for awareness, prevention, as well as for easy and reliable tests. This is why Positive Voice created the Ath Checkpoint, a prevention center for the HIV virus, which provides information services and a fast, free test for HIV.

Open everyday and located in the center of town (Pittaki 4, Monastiraki), Ath Checkpoint allows for quick, anonymous and free testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis B and C, with the "Rapid Test"method and offers services and information about safer sex and connection with the suitable Health Units in case of positive tests. Positive Voice collaborates with a number of groups and organizations of the civil society (Bloode, Praxis, OKANA, Atenistas, DESMOS, KETHEA, Emphasis, Life Center) to sharpen its access to population groups that can benefit from it.

In addition to Ath Checkpoint ‘s operation, Positive Voice organizes weekly free and anonymous testing for HIV virus at the kiosk of synAthina, where everyone can take the exam on the spot, without prior appointment.

Having served 928 people for the years 2014 and 2015, Ath Checkpoint significantly facilitates the process of testing for the HIV virus, offers important information and fights social prejudice that often accompanies the test procedure. A similar Checkpoint operates in Thessaloniki.