Series of activities for the regeneration of the area of Kypseli and the networking between its residents.

by the group Our Kypseli


The alienation which is increasingly experienced by the residents of Kypseli, is the situation which Our Kypseli is attempting to reverse, an initiative of residents of the area to bring together the citizens of the neighborhood and to strengthen the social bonds. This is practically implemented though the development of various and different activities, such theater group, open cinema, foreign language practice courses, book readings, dance lessons, gardening lessons, excursions, cultural site visits, thematic workshops, social & psychological support groups, photography exhibitions and much more. The activities are free for everyone to attend and can be realized thanks to the volunteers who offer their time and skills. The spaces where the activities take place are also provided for free by their owners. Many entrepreneurs of the area are also contributing to the needs of the activities of Our Kypseli as well municipal services.

Moreover, in collaboration with other actors and organizations, community groups such as SOS Children's Villages, ARSIS, KETHEA and Kalliga Square Citizens' Union, Our Kypseli has often organized activities targeted at the common good and thus produced high positive social impact. But what makes Our Kypseli essentially different from the traditional cultural and embelishment clubs which operate in the neighborhoods of the city, is that Our Kypseli develops an extremely wide range of activities, while the fact that is maintains a self-organized way of decision making, makes it more attractive to new members and enhances its vision of unity. Today Our Kypseli has more than 300 active member and organizes one or even more activities on a daily basis.