Research and activity for participatory processes in public space.

by Place Identity 

#public space
#open administration

The design of public spaces is often carried out without taking into account the real priorities of citizens, leading to urban solutions that do not meet the needs of local communities.

The Pedio_Agora is a project of research and action aimed at developing, recording and disseminating of a blueprint for participatory urban planning based on cross-sectoral synergies and the active participation of citizens. Varvakeion Square, a degraded area in the heart of Athens, was chosen as the field of research and activity.

During Pedio_Agora a participatory urban planning process was designed taking the form of a consultation in which citizens submitted views and proposals for the future of Varvakeion square, with the purpose of upgrading the square and inform the relevant municipal services about the survey results. Subsequently an open toolkit was produced for applying respective participative processes in other projects of urban regeneration. The Pedio_Agora toolkit can be used by anyone who needs expertise around the active citizenship methodology but also about implementing participatory processes for obtaining substantially democratic decisions in the common interest of the cities.

Pedio_Agora was implemented through intersectoral collaboration of NGOs Place Identity, company design theSwitch and synAthina becoming the Greek participation in the International Actors of Urban Change network and waw co-financed under the program "We are all citizens" which is part of the overall Financial Mechanism EEA for Greece.