Θεματικές Δραστηριοποίησης


Oμάδα εθελοντών δασκάλων διδάσκει ελληνικά σε μετανάστες σε αίθουσα της Δημοτικής Αγοράς Κυψέλης


This is the site of the group of volunteers offering  free lessons of greek language in Kypseli.

“Gefyres” is the name of our group. It means, “bridges”. We try to create bridges between the different people living in our city, Athens. Teaching our language is a practical offer and a way of getting to know each other, immigrants and greeks.

We have started in the old Municipality Market (Dimotiki Agora) of Kypseli, Athens, in Fokionos Negri street No 42.

We continue in our provisory adress, Spetson 21 street, in Kypseli.

You can find us in the facebook, in the group Multikypseli.

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