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Creative Reuse Project

The Creative Reuse project is a partnership between Victoria Square Project and Khora Freeshop and gives everyone a chance to express their talents, creativity and resilience. The project harnesses the possibility for greater collectivity through communication and care in an increasingly polarized political and economic moment. With tensions created through perceived scarcity of resources and lack of economic opportunities, the creative reuse project engages in imaginative and restorative ways of being together. The project is a form of action which positively affects entrenched social structures and is developing the network of relations and methodoligy for a sustainable collaborative future.

The project fosters a social and creative network through weekly skill shares in textile alteration, sewing, design and embellishment, a monthly clothing swap
House of Refashion another component of the project focuses on the reimagining of used clothing through a collaboration between arts, fashion, sustainability and community. This is an ongoing platform for creative expression through individual designs and developing meaningful ways to present sustainable alternative creations to a larger audience.

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