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Urbaning Athens

Urbaning Athens is an initiative born after the conversations between a group of 3 individuals from different backgrounds, currently sharing their experiences in Athens. Urbaning Athens is a materialization of the willing to connect with the diversity of the city, and give the opportunity to the inhabitants of Athens to connect between us. 

Athens is a multicultural city. People around the worldarrives here for many diverse reasons: refugees, migrants, travellers, etc. The main aim of this initiative is to create links between all these lifes, our lifes, and strengthen those that already exist.

We want to create these links through the use of public space as a common ground where the diversity meets. Make this space a conscious place for sharing and connection.

Urbaning Athens is an initiative to bring our homes to the streets. Bring the private to the public, to change the perceptions we have about the spaces we habitate. The name of “urbaning” comes from this idea of bringing our everyday activities to the public space, to the city and urbanize them. Fill the city with the exchange of skills, knowledge and stories. 

The city has an impact on our lives, as well as we have an impact on the place we live in.
We want to amplify this impact, make it colourful and diverse.

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