Streetwork based series of activities aiming to meet the needs of the homeless or the people who face survival problems.


#street work

All the more citizens in Greece's cities are faced with various forms of exclusion from the society, as a result of the social and economic crisis of the last years. Centered in Athens, EMFASIS is the initiative of greek citizens who live abroad, to tackle the problem through the principles of street work.

Consisting of volunteers, the street workers of EMFASIS offer social and awareness services to socially vulnerable or excluded people in the field (streets and neighborhoods), recognize their problems and needs, and remain available to those in need of support, report their daily findings to the social service of EMFASIS and, finally, refer emergencies to the suitable state services.

The data recorded by the street workers are utilized in the design of special programs which have direct and positive impact to the human needs. In particular special programs of dental restoration from ex-drug users are being implemented, as well as free medical examinations to homeless and poor people lacking insurance, winter and spring feeding campaigns, psychological support and consulting support on existing social services, programs of temporary housing for homeless young persons and programs of direct intervention aiming to handle urgent incidents in the streets of Athens. Moreover, once a week, the working groups of EMFASIS, comprising of social workers, sociologists and psychologists, meet at the kiosk of synAthina for the Social Support Corner and provide the necessary support to socially vunlerable and excluded people by informing them about the available programs of EMFASIS and existing state services, and by providing consultory services and essentials.

By intervening where the central power and the existing structures often fail to provide solutions, EMFASIS produce important work to improve the quality of life and to enhance the prospects of reintegration of people excluded from the social fabric and basic decent living conditions.