Residents, citizens' initiatives, refugees who have received asylum and the local authority join forces for the first time to benefit the city.

co-Athens creates the framework within which groups come together to collaboratively design and implement funded activities and urban interventions.

This is a call open to active citizens of Athens to carry out activities with meaningful and positive impact for the city, in collaboration with refugees participating in the European pilot program of the City of Athens, Curing the Limbo.

Selected groups will receive funding and advisory support throughout the program; from the initial concept development stage to its implementation.

co-Athens is being developed within the context of the European pilot program Curing the Limbo and the integration strategy implemented by the City of Athens. The aim is to create an innovative model of cooperation - a model for European cities.

Curing the Limbo (2018-2021) is a European pilot project of the City of Athens implemented in partnership with the University of Athens, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the Athens Tourism Development and Development Company (EATA). The program is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the UIA initiative.

Thematic categories of activities

- Interventions in public space
- Promotion of the local tourism product
- Cultural activities in neighborhoods
- Sport and wellness activities
- Environmental protection
- Cleaning and highlighting of surfaces - facades of buildings

Intervention areas of co-Athens

- Kerameikos - Metaxourgio - Kolonos - Platonos Academy
- Victoria – Archaeological Museum - Exarcheia - Neapoli
-  Amerikis Square - Koliatsou Square - Agios Eleftherios - Kato Patisia




Co-Athens activities program at a glance:

-  They receive multifaceted ongoing support from the Curing the Limbo program.
-   They bring together refugees, who have received asylum and reside in Athens, and active citizens of the city.
-   They integrate participating refugees into groups that operate with equality and mutuality.
-   They are exploring and proposing sustainable solutions to real city challenges.
-   They activate local communities and bring positive change across neighborhoods.
-   They create and support an innovative model of integration of refugees participating in the Curing the Limbo program.