The Academy of Entrepreneurship is happy to announce its partnership with Erasmus+ project ‘ENEU – Empowerneurship for Newcomers in Europe’ which aims at making self-employment a viable option for migrants and displaced people in transition in Europe and also for those who wish to return to their country of origin by:

- Increasing learning demand among both educators and migrants through effective outreach, guidance, and motivation strategies
- Extending and developing the competencies of educators and other personnel who support adult learners so that they will be able to support the migrants and displaced people through their journey of becoming entrepreneurs and earning their livelihood
- Empowering and skilling up the migrants and the displaced people to be the entrepreneurship trainers

In the context of this project, the Academy of Entrepreneurship is looking for a migrant trainer who is interested in gaining new theoretical and practical knowledge based on the ‘@Home In Transition’ methodology, and who is also enthusiastic about sharing the experience to empower and up-skill migrants and displaced people in transition.

More information about the profile of the migrant trainer is at