Θεματικές Δραστηριοποίησης

four Elements

four ELEMENTS is a Non-Profit Organization and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Athens and Thessaloniki area.

four ELEMENTS established in 2008 and is an innovative and pioneering Greek organization, with international cooperation and activity. four ELEMENTS acts primarily on prevention, information, planning, evaluation, submission and preparation of studies and sensitivization  actions in the field of environment, health, welfare, culture, human resources development, R & D etc.

Recent actions carried out by the company are actions regarding prevention of Web risks and dangers to school children, distribution of informative material, ad hoc consulting at homes of parents etc.

four ELEMENTS has great experience and is intending to play a major role in the future in awareness campaigns and assistance in various areas, organizing workshops and other events (for alcohol, smoking, risks at work etc) and the advisory and support to people with disabilities.

Purpose is to solve people problems, awakening of social consciousness and awareness both in Greece and worldwide.


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